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  • Johannes Raggam, thet (Main author and PLIP implementation)
  • Andreas Jung, zopyx
  • David Glick, davisagli
  • Érico Andrei, ericof
  • Franklin Kingma, kingel
  • Gauthier Bastien, gbastien
  • Georg Bernhard, gogo
  • Giacomo Spettoli, giacomos
  • Guido Stevens, gyst
  • JeanMichel FRANCOIS, toutpt
  • Jens Klein, jensens
  • Lennart Regebro, regebro
  • Nathan Van Gheem, vangheem
  • Philip Bauer, pbauer
  • Robert Niederreiter, rnixx
  • Rok Garbas, garbas
  • Róman Joost, romanofski
  • Sean Upton, seanupton
  • Simone Orsi, simahawk
  • Thomas Desvenain, tdesvenain
  • Timo Stollenwerk, timo
  • Tom Gross, tomgross
  • Vincent Fretin, vincentfretin
  • Vitaliy Podoba, piv, vipod
  • Wolfgang Thomas, pysailor

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